RAL installation lead to energy savings

RAL - installation mainly aims at energy saving but with proper installation it prevents moisture and its consequences. Installation of modern windows has grreatly elliminated losses through windows and doors, but there is still the problem of connection surface between the window and the wall. Therefore after installation of energetically efficient windows the problem of moisture and fungi can appear.

illbruck RAL Installation
Würth RAL Installation

Prevent condensation

Just to illustrate this problem: within 24 hours thorugh the 1 mm gap at 1 m length which is not steamresistant from the inner side approx. 360 g of water can condensate and enter the element (wall)! This leads to creation of molds, fungi and even water leaks out of the wall, below the newly installed window. Very often bad seal density or wrongly installed drip are stated as a reason for this situation.

In order to prevent these situations and ensure RAL installation which deals with proper mounting it is necessary to place the window to the correct line and prevent water steam flow into insulation, especially from the inner side using steamresistent bands and seals, and from the external side to prevent water or rain penetration but at the same time to ensure smooth flow of water steam from the construction element into the atmosphere. Seals or bands with the characteristics which comply with a.m. RAL directions are used for this.

The material we use for RAL installation

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