185mm for three sliding walls
120mm for two sliding walls
≥ 1.5 W/m²K
up to 33 dB
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Generally about Walls

Aluminum sliding systems are classified into sliding systems with and without thermal bridge. Sliding systems can also be classified into several types by the way of opening: simple sliding doors, lift & slide doors, tilt & slide doors and folding sliding doors. The choice of sliding system depends on customer needs and preference, as well as on dimensions and functional requirements. The easiest and most cost-effective way to close small openings is to install classic balcony doors. The advantage of this type of doors is that it is possible to open the entire surface of the door as well as tilt them to provide ventilation. To close larger openings, one should consider installing a sliding door. This type of door allows larger dimensions and easy and reliable handling. Some types of sliding doors can close openings more than five meters wide.

Folding sliding doors are an aesthetically ideal solution ensuring an elegant and modern space. They can be opened wide (almost full length), which allows them to occupy a minimal space and at the same time maximize the daylight flow to the space. Whether it is about a new construction or existing structures, folding sliding systems are popular due to their flexible application capabilities. Folding sliding doors complement those elements that cannot be aesthetically shaped by using ordinary materials (brick, concrete, wood). Apart from being used in interior partitioning, aluminum folding sliding doors are ideal for creating an exit to a balcony, a terrace, a loggia or a conservatory. They are an ideal solution for restaurant and café terraces. Folding sliding doors can be bi-fold, three-fold, four-fold, five-fold and six-fold.

By the type of hinges, they can be classified into simple sliding doors and lift & slide doors. The profiles are the same in both cases, but the sealing is different; sliding doors are sealed using so-called Polyflor brush gaskets, while standard EPDM gaskets are used to seal lift & slide doors. Glass is fixed to the wing/jamb by an inner bar with a holder, and sealed on both sides by EPDM gaskets. The fixed field can be made out of a special profile (jamb) intended for that purpose, or out of a wing profile, which ensures a visually uniform construction. Lift & slide door systems have better thermal properties than sliding systems. The total heat transfer coefficient can reach a value of Ud = ca 1.8 W / m2K, if appropriate glass is used.

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Light-flooded rooms and beautiful views of nature. It has been designed especially as a door for patios, balconies and gardens and can be opened and closed without a great deal of effort.

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