Progress: On the road to success

Že-Ma joinery factory started working in 1996 as a small workshop with only two employees. Years of effort, hard work and investment in production established ŽE-MA as a recognizable name in the industry.

Že-Ma Joinery Factory 1996.


In November 1996, Mr. Josip Rajaković established a manufacturing company called ŽE-MA Locksmith Workshop. He came up with the name by combining the first two letters of the name of his children, Željka and Matija.

He started his business out of a garage, by repairing various iron objects and performing similar minor locksmith work. After hiring his first employee, he started manufacturing metal garage doors, different types of balcony railings and metal construction. A few years later, PVC joinery appeared on the market, which gave birth to an idea of manufacturing PVC and, later, ALU joinery. He started producing PVC joinery in an old wine cellar with 7 employees, and by 2006 he built and opened a new production hall, purchased a modern CNC production line for manufacturing PVC and ALU joinery and hired additional around 15 employees.

To complete the production process, he started manufacturing ISO glass in early 2010. Through years of work and effort, he gradually developed a large modern manufacturing facility which now extends to 4000 m² of indoor space and 10000 m² of outdoor space. The factory is equipped with two computer-controlled lines for producing PVC joinery, CNC machinery for production of ALU joinery, CNC machinery for production of ISO glass and has 62 employees. After 20 years of successful business, ŽE-MA has developed into a company that remains family-owned to this day.


Our product range includes PVC joinery made of certified German profiles aluplast® and ALU joinery from a renowned manufacturer FEAL®. Modernization of production significantly increased both production capacity and quality, as well as reduced delivery times. In addition to the above, ŽE-MA offers stainless steel and blacksmith products.

We are present on the markets covering whole Croatia and our products can be found on the demanding foreign markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.

Josip Rajaković and his family has made many sacrifices and investments from their own balance sheet to ensure successful, responsible and quality work. They had for years been committed to improving their business and profession, as well as promoting craftsmanship as a whole. As a result, he was awarded with the Golden Statue of the Zagreb Chamber of Crafts in 2011 for achieved business results, innovation and promotion of craftsmanship.

Že-Ma Joinery Factory Today


Focusing on the needs of the customer and his satisfaction with the completed work , promptness and completeness of the service and environmental protection are the most important values to ŽE-MA, the firm whose overall performance in the manufacturing and sale of plastic joinery, manufacturing and installation of aluminum joinery and manufacturing of insulated glass is based on.

To achieve, maintain and improve these values we are permanently committed to:

  • employ professional and ambitious staff that will have the opportunity and obligation as well to constant improvement and development
  • obtain the most contemporary resources in information and communication technology, equipment, infrastructure and provide employee-friendly environment
  • keep and further develop partnerships with suppliers
  • offer customers optimal and complete solutions
  • implement solutions that fully support demands and needs of the customer
  • apply and improve effectiveness of the quality management system and environment management based on the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001:2004 , and strive to exceed the level of these requirements
  • set ambitious, measurable and achievable objectives referring to quality and environment
Že-Ma Joinery Factory Vision


The vision of ŽE-MA is to become a modern, marketflexible and solid firm whose goal is to keep the leading position in the field of PVC and ALU joinery production within Croatia but on international markets as well. This can be achieved only by manufacturing products that meet high quality requirements, services and processes that provide a professional approach of employees and finally, result in having satisfied customers.

ISO certificates

ŽE-MA company works in accordance with international standards of quality management ISO 9001 environmental managemnet ISO 14001. This obliges us to accept the policy of quality and environment management and related orders in order to satisfy our customers and protect environment.

Že-Ma Joinery Factory ISO9001
Že-Ma Joinery Factory ISO14001

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We are covering whole Croatia and our products can be found on the demanding foreign markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.