Venetian blinds are the second most used type of blinds after roller shutters.

They provide excellent protection against sunlight and unwanted views, thus contributing to the feel of comfort and privacy in your space. Thanks to a wide range of color combinations of slats, masks, guide rails and finishing bars, Venetian blinds are an aesthetically pleasing addition for your home or office space.

Blinds complement the atmosphere and enhance the look of your home or office space. Venetian blinds are one of the most commonly used types of blinds. They are suitable for residential and business spaces and can be installed both internally and externally.

By adjusting the angle of the slats, internal Venetian blinds protect from direct sunlight and block unwanted views, while also serving as a decorative element.

External Venetian blinds provide both thermal insulation and protection from the weather. They are installed in front of the window from the outside, which prevents direct heat from entering the space. Together with the façade, they further enhance the exterior of the building.

You can choose between a wide range of colour combinations of slats, masks, guide rails and finishing bars, as well as between manual crank handle and electric control.

Venetian blinds Krater Exposed

Krater Exposed

Venetian blinds Krater Built-in

Krater Built-in

Venetian blinds External Krater

The main feature of Krater Venetian blinds, which combine roller shutters and external venetian blinds, is that they are installed entirely before laying out the facade. It is not necessary to trim out the opening, since a massive aluminum guide trail covers most of the trim from the side. Roller insect screens can be easily added to Venetian blinds, since the basic version of the blinds has all prerequisites for insect screens to be installed immediately or at any time convenient.

Venetian blinds External Krpan

Krpan blinds are external Venetian blinds with a standard performance system. This Venetian blind kit consists of standard slats, mechanism, classic brackets and guides, and a visible or concealed mask. Krpan external Venetian blinds can be installed on all types of buildings. They are suitable for both new construction and remodelling projects. If you do not want the raised blinds package to reach the window pane, it is important to be able to raise the blinds above the window. This can be solved by making a notch in the lintel beforehand, or by installing the window in line with the exterior part of the wall.

Venetian blinds Krpan Built-in

Krpan Built-in

Venetian blinds Krpan Exposed

Krpan Exposed

Venetian blinds Internal

Venetian blinds Internal

Internal blinds, the so-called Venetian blinds are mounted on the inside of the window. They allow for easy regulation of daylight in the room, but have no significant thermal effect.

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