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Personal Data Protection

In some parts of, the company collects certain personal information of the user only when the users themselves give their consent by filling out the various forms.

By filling out contact forms on, users agree that the data can be used to send a response to a query.

Personal data is the information that relates to an individual: name, last name and e-mail.

The company carefully protects the user's personal data, which means that:

  • the company will not misuse personal information of the user in any way
  • the personal information of the user will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties
  • users can at any time unsubscribe from any of the company's mailing lists

Certain personal data is used by the company to improve the user experience on, to send promotional information and other content, for general communication with users or to allow them access to special information and content.

The collected personal data will remain stored by the company until revoked by the user. The user can request revocation in writing to the company's address or via e-mail at

The use of

Any use that does not constitute normal use by a particular user is prohibited, represents economic damage and will be reported to the competent institution. Normal use implies the use of the website without software tools and the usual number of requests for access at a given time. A maximum of one application per second will be considered the usual number of requests.

Use of data and information from the website

Data or information published at should not be used for commercial purposes without the company’s permission. It is not allowed to collect data and information from in any public or private database.

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It is also prohibited to remove or alter the trademarks when they appear with individual data and information. The user is responsible for any damage caused by the violation of these terms of use.

Website links

Links to and/or individual subpages are allowed only with written consent of the company. may contain links to other internet portals that the company does not maintain and ŽE-MA d.o.o. is not responsible for content on these sites.

Access to the website

The company strives to provide its users with uninterrupted use of in normal conditions 24 hours a day. Due to technical reasons (maintenance and/or replacement of equipment), the company reserves the right to suspend the website for a short term or limit access to the website.

Dispute resolution

The user and the company will try to peacefully resolve any disputes arising out of unauthorized use of and which are inconsistent with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Protection of Personal Data. If this is not possible, the court in Zagreb is competent to resolve the dispute.

Cookie policy

In order for this site to work properly and to improve your browsing experience, the site must store a small amount of data on your computer, or access the already stored data (so-called cookies files or "cookies"). Over 90% of all Internet sites use this practice, but according to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union we are obliged to ask for your consent before saving cookies. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You can still browse the page after blocking cookies, but some of the page’s features will not be available to you.

What is a cookie (HTTP cookie)

A cookie is information saved to your computer at the time of browsing the website you have visited. Cookies usually store your website settings, such as language and address. Later, when you open the same website again, the web browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page. Thus, information is customized to your needs and the usual ways of using the website.

Besides simple information about settings, cookies can also save a large number of personal information (name, e-mail address) that you have to give full access to. This data can only be stored if you enable it - websites cannot access the data you have not provided and cannot access other files on your computer. The actions of saving and sending cookies are not visible to you, but you can choose to approve/reject cookie requests, delete saved cookies automatically after closing the web browser and other cookie-related activities in your browser’s settings.

How to disable cookies

Turning off cookies prevents them to be stored on your personal computer. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your preferred web browser.

For information on cookie settings, select the internet browser you are using.

If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use certain web site features.

What are temporary cookies (session cookies)

Temporary cookies or cookie sessions are removed from your personal computer after you close the web browser. With the help of these cookies, the website stores temporary data.

What are persistent cookies (persistent cookies)

Persistent or permanent cookies remain on your personal computer after closing the web browser. With the help of these cookies, websites store data in order to facilitate the use of the website. For example, websites that require entering a username and a password will remember your entry so that you do not have to sign in every time you visit the website. Permanent cookies will remain on your computer for days, months and even years (depending on the settings).

What are first-party cookies

First-party cookies come from the website you are browsing and can be permanent or temporary. Thus, websites store information that will make it easier to use of the website with each new visit.

What are third-party cookies

Third-party cookies come from third-party web advertising (such as pop-ups or other ads) that are located on the web page you are browsing. With the help of these cookies, different Internet domains can track the use of the Internet for marketing purposes.

Does use cookies

Yes, primarily with the goal of providing better user experience and overview of the data when browsing our website. We also use them to learn more about you, or to track your use of the website, recommend products and services, or give recommendations.

What kind of cookies does use and why

Temporary cookies (session cookies) – cookies that are removed from your computer after you close the Internet browser. They are used for authorization purposes and to temporarily remember user settings when viewing a page.

Persistent cookies – they remain on your computer after you close the Internet browser until removed by a program or the user. We use persistent cookies to better understand user habits and to improve web pages according to the habits of a particular user. This information is anonymous – no personal information of the user is stored, only browser and user device information (such as an IP address). These data are not linked to other personal information that the user may have previously provided.

Are there third-party cookies on

There are several external services that store limited cookies to the user’s device. These cookies are not set up by this site, but some are used to enable normal functioning of certain features that provide users with simpler access to the content.

Outside services are currently only used for measuring attendance. uses the Google Analytics service to collect traffic data.

If you want to prevent the mentioned service from saving cookies, you can do so at the following link:

More information about turning off cookies

There are currently several websites dedicated to disabling cookies for different services. More information can be found on these links:

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