Inox Locksmithing

Inox is a modern, clean, elegant, solid and simply perfect material. Our tendency is to have modern design, be adequate to its time and mostly produced items are fences and sheds.

We always do our best to meet customer's requirements, we try to help with our suggestions because aor goal is to have a satisfied customer. The final result is perfectly cleaned and polished fence. Our fences are there to make your space nicer, brighten it and make it attrractive to you, your friends and neighbours.

Inox Bravarija
Crna Bravarija

Black Locksmithing

To the group of black locksmith products belong: classical fences, sheds, industrial fences, type fences, metal doors, metal constructions (halls, garages, warehouses, shopping malls), galleries, reinforcements and wall supports etc.

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We are covering whole Croatia and our products can be found on the demanding foreign markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.